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-Ballet Summer School 2015

                 There are no places for workshops for 2015

You have to come to the Hotel July 26 (address below) after 15.00 (3pm). About 19:00 (7pm) at the hotel will be a short meeting with all participants - there will be given the necessary information and giving away badges to enter the theater.
Participant without the hotel:
Please be July 27 at 9 o'clock in the morning, in front of Musical Theatre (entrance from the rear for artists)
Costume exercise: on a daily basis can practice in any costume, but on the final performance (8 August) please:
  black costume, black top (this is short for Ladies revealing the abdomen),black long leggings with lycra - no feet, short black ballet skirt. Of course, pointy and ballet shoes.
Please also had clothes to warm up and water bottle .
Please keep in mind that at the end of August 8th is the performance - a show for parents and invited guests at the Theatre on the stage. Then there is a gala dinner with a disco in the city.
Leaving home is on the second morning - August 9.
All meals will be at the Theater (2 minutes from our hotel)
Adres HOTEL:  

 Studencki Dom Marynarza

 ul.Franciszka Sędzickiego 19    

81-374 Gdynia


Width (Latitude): 54.51434

Length (Longtitude): 18.54824


Welcome to the third International Intensiv Ballet Summers Courses in Gdynia 2015

This year's workshop attracted ballets were very popular and were appreciated by the participants and their parents for a professional organization and artistic level.

If you participated in our ballet classes in 2013 and 2014 is no longer a need to send your application. Just send us the information by e-mail !!!

  To achieve a high level of training, we expect only 20-23 participants in each the group. Number of seats is limited.

 Prices  2015:


    - Dates: 2 weeks

27 July - 08 August 2015 - price for two weeks of the course830 euro

                         (Participants arrive the day before - )

26.07 - 09.08 Meals and boarding provided (accomodation in hotel) 2 weeks  - 520 euro


- Dates: 1 weeks

27 August - 01 August 2015 - price for one weeks of the cours - 415 euro

                         (Participants arrive the day before - )

 26.07 - 02.08 Meals and boarding provided (accomodation in hotel) 1 weeks - 260 euro


When registration is required payment 30 euros.

On the last day of classes - 08.08.2015 invite parents and invited guests on the show artistic prepared by participants !


08/08/2015 - End the evening gala dinner for all participants - at no extra charge

                      Departure of participants 09/08/2015 - by 10 am


  At the end of each 2-week ballet course, there will be a performance art for caregivers of participants and invited guests.

 Each of the participants will be awarded ,, Certificate of Participation " and T-shirt Ballet Workshop.


 Weekly Schedule 


 4 Classes per day (5,5 hours of classes each day ) x 12 day  ( 48 Classes - 2 weeks )

Ballet Class                                     - 6 x per week

Pointe Technique / Variations       - 4 x per week

Men’s Technique / Variations        - 2 x per week

Pas de deux Class                          - 2 x per week

Contemporary / Improvisation     - 4 x per week

Jazz                                                 - 4 x per week

Floor barre                                     - 2 x per week


 Airport-school / school-airport  (school car )

There is a possibility to buy transport services from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport on the last day rates -20 euro ( one way )

To register for courses, please complete and submit the application form, which is on our website in the Register / Application. In the course of their need to include min. 2 photos in ballet costume.  

Participants will be divided into groups, depending on the age and the level of art they represent.



The maturity schedule for the courses:

The  first payment up to 10.05.2015 
 - 50% of the amount in ballet course.

The second payment up to 31.05.2015 - 50% of the  amount for the hotel and ballet workshops

The final payment to 15/06/2015


Payment can be made in : Euro or British Pounds - £

For admission to the course, but failed to make payment by the participant to the deadline, it means giving up the exchange and release of urban conservation 

If the payment is coming from overseas: EURO


Alior Bank 


 IBAN : PL32 2490 0005 0000 4000 8059 3079


 Maria Adamska

 ul. CZERSKA 33




 Or payment in British pounds - £ 

account : 73280368

sort code: 30-99-86

Company : Biofreeze Polska - Pomoce Szkolne LTD


Participants will be divided into groups according to age and level of art they represent.




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